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Our Town Hall Survey

Carried out over a three week period our survey attracted 256 responses from a variety of sources - web, post, phone and email.

The campaign to inform residents of the situation with the Town Hall has clearly been very effective with over 80% of residents aware of it. Nevertheless usage is still low, with only just over 20% saying that they regularly visited.

Opinion as to who would or could take it over was varied and split with no overall decision.

However 60% said that taking it with the current costs and on basis of a loan did not represent value for money.

Alternatives for spending the money also secured varied responses, but majority wanted to bid for services from Birmingham City Council.

The vast majority were against a ceremonial mayor with its attendant costs - nearly 80%.

Finally over 60% thought that the precept was pitched at the correct level.

Sincere thanks to all that took part - we are replying by letter to those that wrote in, email if we have an address. To those that posted on the internet again thanks, but we have not retained your addresses.